Therapy Reflexology  written by Jackie Wood – Therapist

With the vision of providing a range of alternative therapies for the benefit of MS members at the HEREFORD M S THERAPY CENTRE provision of Swedish massage and reflexology has been made available. The members were, as an introduction, encouraged to attend a free taster session and the majority of those who participated opted to proceed with reflexology treatments. Reflexology is a theory and therapy that uses the feet to treat the whole body. Although it is already widely documented that reflexology is a beneficial treatment for M.S it has been interesting and credible to get feedback from the members themselves.

Treatments are held in a therapy room that is safe, private and secure. A recommendation is given to attend 6 consecutive WEEKLY treatments then to attend a treatment every two or three weeks with the member deciding themselves what is the best interval for them.

Feedback from the members

Unanimously the members enjoyed receiving the treatment.  It is important that trust is established between the therapist and client and this has been achieved. The interaction with the therapist has been enjoyable, to have a chat, whether it is to voice a concern, worry or irritation, it has been beneficial to share and discuss the implications. On a lighter note to share a story, joke or comical incident

All the members feel very relaxed following the treatment. Feet that have felt cold and heavy and numb previously have felt warmer and lighter after the treatment. This will be as a result of improved blood circulation This effect has been maintained. Several members have reported that a symptom of ‘jumping eyes’ where the eye muscle is impaired has been alleviated and that the eyes are now settled and focused. Where bladder control had been impaired, after several treatments this has been strengthened and maintained allowing the member confidence and more control.

Aches and pains have much improved as members report that back pain and neck pain have been improved/alleviated. Where the knee joint has intermittently given way the joint appears to have been strengthened and this is no longer happening. Pain in the hips and clicking has improved following treatment. Tension in the neck has been released. Joint pain has been reported as having improved, resulting in better flexibility

Digestive problems, as a result of medication and/or limited mobility can be uncomfortable and painful. Members have reported that the Reflexology Treatment has shown to aid digestion and relieve the symptoms of IBS and constipation.

Members have reported that they feel so much better in themselves.  Emotionally they feel stronger and have less episodes of feeling low, being of a calmer disposition, resulting in dealing with stressful situations more effectively and rationally. One member advised that their family had commented on her sense of humour returning.

Having had such positive feedback and the continued demand for treatments alternative therapies will continue to be available at the MS Therapy Centre, Mostyn St Hereford.